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10 Years of Fun!

In 2004 set out on a journey to revolutionize gambling on the internet. 10 years later we reflect on the past and build for the future.

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Play Anytime, Anywhere!

PlayNow is everywhere. It's anytime, anyplace. It's where a late bus is now an opportunity and a hunch at a game can double your excitement. Whenever the mood strikes, PlayNow is here on your desktop, mobile or tablet!

5 Exciting Ways To Play

Whether you enjoy choosing your favourite Lotto numbers, betting on a thrilling sporting event or, relaxing at home with a game of Casino, Poker, or Bingo, PlayNow has something for everyone!

Benefitting BC

Proceeds from the games you play go back into BC health care, education and community groups. You can have fun, have a chance to win money and help your province!

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