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Poker 8.0 is here with a MAC DOWNLOAD

September 20, 2013 is pleased to announce the release of Poker 8.0

Poker 8.0 is here

Poker 8.0 is here and it has a boat load of new features. At the center of all these great features is the MAC DOWNLOAD. But not to be outdone are some big upgrades to your poker playing experience.

Micro Bad Beat Jackpot

The Micro Bad Beat Jackpot gives players another way to get beat and get paid. Find the current Micro Bad Beat on or in the Poker client lobby:
micro bad beat

Win by playing on our Micro Bad Beat Jackpot tables. If the losing hand is Four of a Kind Twos, or better, it will win the Micro Bad Beat Jackpot! Learn more about the Micro Bad Beat Jackpot.

New Tournament Features

Cash out tournaments

Some tournaments allow you to cashout your chips before the end of the tournament. These tournaments are called cashout tournaments. During the tournament you can click CASHOUT from the menu to cashout your chips (certain conditions must be fulfilled).

Double Chance tournaments

Double chance tournaments allow players to start with a free re-buy into the tournament. Some Double Chance tournaments may offer more than one re-buy, please see the specific tournament information to confirm how many Chances will be offered.

Head's up rematches

Available in Head's Up Sit 'n Goes, these offer a choice for the same two players to play each other again following the conclusion of the tournament.

Auto Re-buy

If a tournament allows re-buys and/or add-ons, you can have automatic re-buys and add-ons at the tournament table. On the table, there are two check boxes, Auto Re-buy and Auto Add-on that you can select to have automatic re-buys and add-ons.

Tournament Deals

Multi-Table Tournaments on have Tournament Deal functionality that allows players to agree to a prize payout prior to the tournament ending. This payout is based on a formula and ALL players must agree in order for the deal to take place. If ALL players do not agree to the deal proposed by the system, play will continue.

Once prize positions have been reached; if players decide amongst themselves that they wish to split or �chop� the prize between those left in the tournament, they will receive their allotted amounts. Learn more about Tournament Deal Info.

Late Registration

Late Registration allows players to continue to register for the tournament after the tournament has started. The following time conditions apply to Late Registration on

  • Freezeouts, unless all tables are full, 60 minutes.
  • Turbo tournaments, dependant on 3 or 5 min blind structure, 15/30 minutes.
  • Re-buy tournaments 50 minutes.

Learn more about Tournament Rules.

For a full overview, read all the updated Poker 8.0 information in our At the Poker Table section.