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Sports bets are on at

Vancouver, B.C., July 5, 2012 – Sports bettors in British Columbia can now make live wagers during the game on their favourite sports team. BCLC announced today significant enhancements to online sports, which is now available at

"We have listened to players and enhanced our sports betting to give them the best possible experience," said Rhonda Garvey, VP of eGaming. "Players now have access to a much wider variety of sports from hockey to tennis, and even cricket, on a site that is safe, secure and regulated."

The enhanced PlayNow Sports adds more sports, leagues and tournaments with extensive new betting options such as live betting, futures, props, and more. Sports bettors can wager throughout the season on whether their favourite hockey team will win the Stanley Cup. Or players can place a bet on what is happening during a game, such as how many goals will be scored in the next period, or the number of runs scored in the next inning.

Paddy Power, the Irish bookmaker and one of Europe's largest sports betting companies, will provide odds services for the new PlayNow Sports, in tandem with OpenBet who provide the sportsbook software.

David Loveday, CEO of OpenBet, the leading sportsbook software supplier, said: "After being BCLC's first software provider to offer secure, legal online casino games, we are excited to be involved in the next phase of their offering. BCLC wanted a partner that allowed them the flexibility to upgrade their sports offering to make it more competitive and we have provided them with the support and expertise needed to do just that."

This is the first time a regulated Canadian gaming jurisdiction will offer products such as futures or live betting options to players. For example, the current futures odds for the BC Lions winning the Grey Cup this year are 1:4.5.

The new sports betting games add to the existing lineup of online poker, casino, bingo and lottery games. In addition, sports fans on will also have access to up-to-the-minute scores and results, news articles and expert opinions.

"Paddy Power and OpenBet provide us with the expertise to deliver the very best sports betting products for our players," continued Garvey. "Very few companies in the world have the expertise to provide this service and we have partnered with two of the industry leaders."

Players looking to place a wager must register on is British Columbia's only safe, secure and regulated gambling website where the revenue generated stays in the province to benefit all British Columbians. For more information and a complete list of responsible gambling safeguards on, visit

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