There are a number of keyboard shortcuts that make the players' gaming experience faster and smoother.

Once the Shortcuts Option is enabled within the Table Settings view, the keyboard hotkeys are active in all the poker games offered by

The hotkeys are set and cannot be changed by the players.

Below is a list of all available shortcuts is given. On the Mac, the Cmd key is the key with the Mac CMD Button icon on it.

Action On Windows On Mac
Fold Crtl + [left arrow] Cmd + [left arrow]
Call or Check Ctrl + [down arrow] Cmd + [down arrow]
Bet, Raise Ctrl + [up arrow] Cmd + [up arrow]
Cashier (on cash tables) Ctrl + R Cmd + R
Re-buy (on Tournaments) Ctrl + R Cmd + R
Chat Ctrl + C Cmd + C
Deal Ctrl + O Cmd + O
Muck losing/Uncalled hands Ctrl + X Cmd + X