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Game type: Arcade

Game Description

Press PLAY and the coloured blocks will fall into place on the 5x3 game board. If a winning pattern is revealed:

  • Those blocks are destroyed
  • New blocks fall from the top to fill the gaps created

If the new blocks that get added lead to a new winning pattern, the process continues until no winning patterns are present. Once no winning patterns are present, the total is awarded to the player.

Free Games

Find 3 BRONZE, 3 SILVER or 3 GOLD FREE GAMES symbols to unlock free games. 10 Free Games will then play out. In free games the grid expands.

  • BRONZE FREE GAMES - 10 free games on a 6x4 grid
  • SILVER FREE GAMES - 10 free games on a 7x5 grid
  • GOLD FREE GAMES - 10 free games on a 8x6 grid

Chest Bonus Game

Finding 1 CHEST symbol and 1 KEY symbol on a single game board unlocks the Chest Bonus Game instant prize.

The Key opens the Safe to reveal a prize that is awarded.

How to Play

 How to Play Cauldron of Cash [200KB]