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Wishing you all the happiness and success this year!

PlayNow 为庆祝农历新年,将送出总价为$20,000加币的现金大奖。我们精选了9款游戏,每玩一次就有机会参加每周的抽奖活动,奖金从$100加币到$8,000加币等! 每天玩,赢取更多获奖机会,更有超过35个现金奖可供选择!
PlayNow is celebrating Lunar New Year with a total of $20,000 in cash prizes. We’ve selected 9 games where a single play gets you an entry to our weekly draws with cash prizes ranging from $100 to $8,000! Play every day for more opportunities to win. Over 35 cash prizes available!

88 Fortunes
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Jin Ji Bao Xi
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Dancing drums
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88 Fortunes Megaways
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Dragon Spin
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Jinse Dao Dragon
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Golden Asia Action Spins
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Reel Riches Fortune Age
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Over 35 cash prizes to be won!

gold prize

Week 1
20 prizes of $100

silver prize

Week 2
10 prizes of $500

bronze prize

Week 3
5 prizes of $1,000

bronze prize

Week 4
1 prize of $8,000

How to enter:

  1. 1月25日起,在 "My Promotions "页面,输入优惠码LUNAR21。
    Enter your promo code LUNAR21 on your My Promotions page.
  2. 从2021年1月25日至2021年2月21日,每周玩任何符合条件的PlayNow Casino游戏即可参与抽奖活动。每次参赛游戏的最低下注额是$1加币,且每天只限一次参与机会。

    Play any of the eligible PlayNow Casino games each week from January 25, 2021 - February 21, 2021. A play with a $1 minimum wager is considered a contest entry. Maximum of one entry per day.
    See conditions for more information on eligible games and time periods.
  3. 参与次数越多就代表有越多机会赢得我们每周的抽奖。
    More entries mean more opportunities to win our weekly draws:
    • 第一周 - 20人将赢取$100加币
      Week 1 – 20 people win $100
    • 第二周 - 10人将赢得$500加币
      Week 2 – 10 people win $500
    • 第三周 - 5人将赢得$1,000加币
      Week 3 – 5 people win $1,000
    • 第四周 - 1人将赢得$8,000加币
      Week 4 – 1 person wins $8,000

    Winners will be contacted via email so please make sure your account details are up to date.

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pdf Lunar New Year Offer Terms and Conditions [275KB]

pdf Player Agreement [400KB]

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