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Game type: Reactors

Bonus round: Yes

Game Description

How to play

Press PLAY and the coloured symbols will fall into place on the 3x5 game board. If a winning pattern is revealed:

  • Those blocks are destroyed
  • New blocks fall from the top to fill the gaps created
  • The multiplier meter moves up by 1 spot

If the new symbols that get added lead to a new winning pattern, the process continues until no winning patterns are present. Once no winning patterns are present, the multiplier is applied to the wins for that go and the total is awarded to the player.

Winning patterns

Finding 3 or more identical symbols that share a horizontal or vertical face creates a winning pattern (diagonals do not count).

Free Plays

Find 3 FREE PLAY symbols to unlock free plays. 5 Free Plays will then play out.

Mine Bonus Game

Finding 3 BONUS Symbols on one game board unlocks the MINE BONUS.

In the MINE BONUS, pick one of five crates to reveal a number of sticks of dynamite.

Place all the dynamite sticks you reveal on the available spots on the mine's wall.

Press the detonator to reveal a prize under each of the placed sticks of dynamite to win the prizes shown.

Barrel Bonus Game

Finding 3 BARREL Symbols on one game board unlocks the BARREL BONUS.

The player is presented with 3 barrels. Picking one of the 3 barrels opens the barrel to reveal a prize. That prize is awarded and the game ends.

How to Play

file iconHow to Play Prospector's Gold [360KB]