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Game type: Slots

Game Description

The base game has cloning reels and massive wilds that are injected into the reels as the clones expand. This can manifest a galaxy of epic wins before you lift off from the base game! The cloning reels can also invoke a full compliment of scatters to trigger the feature!

Once you have 3 or more scatters in place, the game really takes off! The choice is in your hands, will you take The Countdown or just head straight for Venus. Both features are jam packed with extreme wins, from roaming/sticky x256 Wilds to Massive Velocity Wilds with up x888 times any connecting wins on the reels.

Shiny Diamonds Free Spins

  • 10 Free spins with single and multiple retriggers
  • Unlimited Retrigger
  • Increased Megaways™ with full retrigger
  • Up to 586,971 Megaways™ to win
  • Massive pay potential

Key Gameplay Highlights  

  • The more free spins a player gets the more of the tune they hear
  • Cloning reels in the base game and throughout both Features
  • Level Up to increase volatility (The Countdown)
  • Cliff Hanging Feature (last spin can always lead to a full retrigger)
  • Velocity Wilds, total player exhilaration as Wilds build to x888

3 Level Progressive Feature (The Count Down)

The Countdown starts with a roaming wild at x4. Scatters are turned into special triggers that contain the code for the count down. When the code is revealed the countdown continues. When the countdown triggers the player is warped to the next level where the wild becomes x27, if the countdown continues the player is warped to level 3 where the wild is locked into the central reels to produce a whopping x256 that remains in play for every spin thereafter.

How to Play

How to Play The Final Countdown [204KB]