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Game type: Slot

Game Description

Collect the colourful Red, Yellow, and Blue masks to empower the Monkey Prince to unlock a variety of exciting wild features that turn symbols and entire reels wild for magnificent wins. Trigger the Free Spins Bonus and travel with the Monkey Prince to the sky kingdom, where you can choose your free spins and wild feature. 

  • 60 paylines
  • Collect coloured masks to fill the meters and trigger exciting wild features:
    • Blue masks trigger the Scattered Wilds feature, where 3 or 4 random positions on the reels become wild
    • Red masks trigger the Random Wild Reels feature, where 1 to 5 entire reels become wild
    • Yellow masks trigger the Surrounding Wilds feature, where 1 random position and all symbols surrounding it become wild
  • It’s possible to trigger multiple features on the same spin!

How to Play

file iconHow to Play Monkey Prince [195KB]