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Game type: Slots

Free spin: Yes

Game Description


  • Above the reels there are 5 horses each with an associated pot.
  • When one of these horses appears on the reels that horse willmove forward on the track.
  • Multiple horses can appear in a single spin.
  • When a horse reaches the pot that prize is awarded to the player, if multiple horses reach their respective pots on the same cascade then both prizes are awarded.
  • Once a prize is awarded all horses reset to the start and new pot prizes are chosen.
  • Any horse that lands on the reels will cascade along with the winning symbols.
  • Horse pots and progress is persistent to player. Pot value awarded is based on average bet of contributing spins.
  • The maximum pot value is 500x average bet of contributing spins.
  • Extra horses exceeding the track limit do not count once the race is reset.
  • Once a prize is awarded, all horses reset to the start of the track before any further cascades of the same spin.
  • When all horses reset, a new race begins and new pot prizes are chosen.

Free Spins

  • Free spins is awarded by 4 or more scatters landing during a base game spin.
  • During Free Spins each pot will start with a value equal to XIO stake.
  • The player can distribute another 90x stake to the pots before free spins starts.
  • This can be split across multiple pots or all added to one.
  • The horse race in Free Spins is a new race.
  • Each horse will start at the beginning of their tracks.
  • The free Spins race and the base game race do not affect or interact with each other.
  • Any progress in the base game race will be continued once the Free Spins race has finished.
  • Free Spins are played automatically.
  • Free Spins end when one of the pots is awarded.
  • Free Spins end when the maximum win is activated.
  • Each pot value is generated randomly at the beginning of each new race.

How to Play

How to Play Road to Riches Race Day [204KB]