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Birthday Bonanza! Nanaimo Slot Player Spins Her Way to $250K!


Congratulations Amanda!

As far as birthdays go, Amanda L. of Nanaimo, BC recently had one of the most memorable ones of her life. 

Amanda won a life-changing $250,000 playing the “Bonanza” slots game on a few days before her June birthday – a win that made her big day even bigger. 

“...... I didn’t realize it was that much”

“I had realized I was a winner, but I didn’t realize it was that much,” says Lauer. “I just looked at my screen and it took a few extra seconds to really process. I went downstairs to tell my dad and I think we were both really shocked.” 

She won some free spins playing Bonanza online at for fun and, after playing through them, made a few more spins when the symbols on the reels lined up to make her a quarter of a million dollars richer. 

Amanda plans to use some of her winnings towards a down payment on a home in Nanaimo – as well as to pay off student loans. Having just graduated from university with plans to work in the social services sector, she says the win gives her the freedom needed to pursue her dream career. 

“... it really takes some of the stress off my shoulders”

“It’s huge to come out of university with no student debt, and it really takes some of the stress off my shoulders. I know $250,000 won’t last a lifetime but I do feel blessed at this moment.” 

Congratulations, Amanda! Anyone can win, #YouCouldBeNext

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