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Congratulations Beverly!

Is there anything better than the feeling of winning? How about winning $250,300 by playing one of your favourite games?

On October 14th, 2018 Beverly N. of Vancouver, who has been playing casino games and lottery games on for the last 5 years, won the $250,300 progressive jackpot playing CashDrop after wagering $0.20! She admitted that she was in disbelief when “[the game said] you won over $200,000.” She recounted seeing the winning value on the game increase, and increase… and increase. “ ‘You won $46’, great! ‘$1900’, awesome! ‘You won over $200k’, ... pardon?”

Beverly shared that she, “just stopped and stared at [her] account.” After calling to verify the balance of her account, she shared the good news with her parents — who were just as excited about her win as she was.

Beverly mentioned she had already planned a trip to Thailand as a reward for completing the renovations on her home over the summer. Now, to celebrate her win, she will be making some upgrades to turn this into a dream trip. “[This win is] transformational and bigger than I had expected, I think I want to travel some more and pay off my mortgage!” she smiled.

Congrats on your win Beverly, enjoy your trip to Thailand!

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