Congratulations Graeme Weamouth!


Graeme Weamouth wins the $525,736.26 CashDrop Progressive Jackpot

Graeme Weamouth never thought that taking some time to chill out after work and play CashDrop would change his life!

After finishing up work on Thursday evening Graeme signed in to his PlayNow account to play his favourite game, CashDrop. He set the progressive slot game to 25 auto spins at a $0.20 bet. He said he looked away for only a second and when he looked back he saw 5 faces come across the screen, without thinking too much about it he walked back over to his computer and saw that his cash balance was now $525,736.26! Graeme couldn't believe what had just happened, he called his family right away to tell them the incredible news.

Graeme described the whole experience as "unbelievable" and is going to take some time to let everything sink in before making any big decisions on what to do with his winnings. In the meantime he will enjoy spending time with his family and friends–who say "it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy". Congratulations Graeme!