Congratulations Carina!


Big Win with Chain Reactors Super Trails

Carina is a long time PlayNow player but had not played casino games in a while as she usually just got her lottery tickets with her account. With a recent modest lottery win however, she decided to try some of the casino games. Her favourite are the reactor games because she can bet a low amount but still have a chance to win big. And that's exactly what happened! With just a $0.20 bet she won a $170,000 jackpot.

"I couldn't believe it," says Carina. "I figured some people won these jackpots, I just never thought it would be me!"

Her first phone call was to a long-time friend who lives in London, England, telling him she was now able to visit him after many years apart. Aside from planning a trip across the Atlantic, Carina hopes to buy a plot of land in the interior of British Columbia where she can one day retire.

Congratulations Carina on an exciting win!