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Congratulations Maya A.!

Chain Reactors Super Trails

Maya Ambroziewicz wins the $145,400.60 Chain Reactors Super Trails Progressive Jackpot

When she isn't busy taking care of her son, Maya Ambroziewicz will occasionally take some of her down time to play slot games on

This time didn't seem any different from any of the other times. She sat down for a quick break to play Chain Reactors Super Trails, which is one of her favourite slots, and hit auto spin. It wasn't until later when she checked her computer that she realized that she had won the $145,400.60 jackpot!

"It didn't sink in till I saw my cash balance, I thought I was going to throw up!"

The first thing Maya did was call her husband who couldn't believe the great news! With the money, they plan to pay off their bills, invest, and are considering renovating their kitchen!

Congratulation Maya!