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$150,000 Instant jackpot win on Hockey Reactors, has Shaun beaming with joy!


Congratulations Shaun!

"Incredible," "this is incredibly awesome," said Shaun when asked to describe his August 6th jackpot win on Hockey Reactors.

Having been a player on PlayNow for over 15 years, Shaun said that he was excited to be part of all the different types of products that have come out over the years. In that time the reactors and jackpot games have become a classic favorite of his. "I know that I can trust," he said when asked what makes PlayNow his platform of choice. "I like that it is highly regulated, honest, and flexible to my needs as a player."

"I am overjoyed and thankful for the opportunity to share my excitement with those around me," Shaun said regarding the win. "I have only told my common law partner so far," "she was absolutely dumbfounded." "But I also can't wait to just share the joy with people in little ways."

Shaun and his partner have plans to put a down payment on a house in Victoria for their son that goes to UVIC.

We are so excited for you and your family, Shaun. Congrats on the big win!