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A relaxing night turned into a pleasant surprise!

Winner Mavis B.
Jin Ji Bao Xi

Congratulations Mavis!

Mavis B. of North Vancouver finds an escape from her busy life playing online slot games , “I like to sit in the peace and quiet of my bedroom, hit a couple of buttons and relax.” After settling in and selecting a game, it happened. She had won $120,000 playing the slot game Jin Ji Bao Xi , “I freaked out for a second!” she recalls. 

“I freaked out for a second!”

Having played Jin Ji Bao Xi at one of our land-based casinos, Mavis was excited to see the familiar title online. She is also a fan of the slot game Fu Dao Le , “I find these games a little bit more entertaining, that’s why I like them.” 

When Mavis found out she had won, she was genuinely surprised by it all! She intended on keeping the win a secret from her husband and surprising him by paying off some of their bills, however, she could not contain her excitement for long, “I’m terrible at keeping secrets, so I told him the next day!” she confesses.

Mavis and her husband are looking forward to taking it easy for a bit. The couple has been busy balancing their work and family life, “we’ve been under so much pressure over the last few months, [this win] is really going to help alleviate some of that pressure so that we can breathe” 

Congratulations, Mavis! All the best to you and your family. Anyone can win, #YouCouldBeNext

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