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Congratulations Lanny!


"This is another world," Lanny D. mused, while reflecting on his Mega Pots Bar-X Slot Jackpot win of $181,877.22.

Lanny, having been a member of PlayNow for two years, couldn't believe his eyes when he won the jackpot. "I wasn't feeling well, so I was just chilling out on the couch," he recounted. He had only been playing for half an hour when all of a sudden the last spin of the bonus hit the jackpot. Then the game showed "pot....pot....pot!" he gasped, "I was in disbelief."

When asked how his wife found out about his win, Lanny laughed, "I told her to come to the kitchen and grab a seat...she didn't believe it." "It has all been so surreal," she agreed.

The most Lanny had won on PlayNow before was $3,600, and he had never dreamed of winning a jackpot. "I want to have fun with the winnings," Lanny smiled, "but it is important to be responsible too." He plans on taking his family on vacation to Maui, putting money into his two daughters' education funds, and getting a new BBQ to treat his friends and family while it is still nice out.

Congratulations Lanny!