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Congratulations Lance!


Lance is bringing home the bacon with his $211,557.91 jackpot win on the slot game, Odds of the Gods!

Lance was just hanging out during his lunch break when the unthinkable happened and he hit the jackpot on one of his favourite slot games.

Having been a member of PlayNow for over a year he enjoyed how convenient it was to play on the go; however, he had never won more than a few hundred at a time.

"I thought I was on demo mode and said to myself wow, this is cool," but it wasn't until he got the call from the BCLC security that the win really sunk in.

Lance says that he will continue to play on PlayNow because "it is convenient and entertaining."

After paying off some bills he plans on putting the rest of his winnings straight to the bank.

Congratulations on the big win, Lance!

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