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Odds of the Gods winner's dog is in for a real treat after big jackpot win!


Congratulations Robert!

Robert T. was enjoying his morning cup of coffee with his dog, Marco, on the morning of July 30th, when the unthinkable happened, Robert matched up the jackpot icons for the popular slot game, Odds of the Gods.

"I couldn't believe it," Robert said. "I've been playing for 7 years or so, and have won in the past, but never anything like this." Once he confirmed that he did in fact win the jackpot, Robert celebrated by giving his dog lots of treats to celebrate.

The next person on his list was of course his step-daughter. "I haven't told her yet," he said. "I am waiting till it is in the bank, then it is real." He did, however, ask her how much she had left on her student loans. Once he shares the joy with her, he plans on looking into future investments.

"This feels awesome," Robert stated. "I think I will keep playing on PlayNow." "It is so convenient to play in the privacy of your own home and away from the noise of the actual casino." Plus, not to mention the fact that nothing feels quite like hitting the jackpot!

Congratulations Robert! We hope you, your step-daughter, and of course Marco enjoy your win!