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Congratulations Sherwin Y!

Cruise for 2 to Florida

Cruise Winner to Experience a Dream Getaway

Winner Check-In

In August 2016, Sherwin Y won the Wheel of Fortune® Spin N Sail cruise courtesy of IGT and Carnival Cruises.

Sherwin and his wife Karen enjoyed 8 days of paradise aboard the Carnival Magic in November 2016.

"It was 120% fun and excitement!" Sherwin exclaimed after the trip. The couple enjoyed the full-size basketball court, the multiple hot tubs, and of course the delicious food available on board the ship.

"While we were on the ship it was the super moon. We watched the moon from the ship deck, it was beautiful. And so big!" said Karen.

The two also enjoyed exploring ports of call, including Curacao, Aruba and Turks and Caicos. "The islands were so nice, like paradise. Each one has different qualities," they explained.

"Grand Turk was his favourite," said Karen with a smile. "We both really loved that you had beach access right close by. The water was so blue, like turquoise!"

Sherwin's prize also included a seat in the official Wheel of Fortune® Spin N Sail $200,000 Slot Tournament. "I was so excited going in, I really thought I was going to get something," Sherwin exclaimed. Unfortunately Sherwin was eliminated from the competition, but he certainly enjoyed his experience. Both Sherwin and Karen won cash prizes as part of other Wheel of Fortune® festivities on board the ship.

Sherwin and Karen shared some of their trip photos with The two of them never thought they would be able to take a cruise until retirement, but they are now dreaming of another cruise with their whole family.

Sherwin and Karen, we are delighted you enjoyed your trip! Congratulations again from the entire team at!

Sherwin from Winnipeg won the Wheel of Fortune® Spin N Sail cruise courtesy of IGT and Carnival Cruises.

When Sherwin Y realized he had won a prize from, it was late at night and he was still incredulous. "I didn't know what to do. I was really excited!" he explained. "I was awake all night." He courteously waited until morning to claim his prize.

When Sherwin called he confirmed: He had won the Wheel of Fortune® Spin N Sail promotion!

Sherwin and his wife Karen are excited to be passengers aboard the first Wheel of Fortune® Spin N Sail cruise. The cruise is operated by IGT and Carnival Cruises, and each passenger has to win their way onto the ship by competing in contests at casinos across North America. For the record, Sherwin won the only prize available in Manitoba.

The prize includes an 8-day Caribbean cruise aboard the Carnival Magic, and flights to and from the cruise departure point in Florida. Sherwin will also be entered in the official Wheel of Fortune® Spin N Sail $200,000 Slot Tournament. Guests aboard the cruise will also receive a special Wheel of Fortune® themed gift and will be treated to other chances to win Wheel of Fortune® merchandise and prizes.

"I am sure I will get to meet a lot of people from everywhere. Honestly I am not sure what I will do," exclaimed Sherwin when picking up his prize package. "But hopefully I will bring back the $200k to Winnipeg!"

Sherwin enjoys using, and he likes that there are so many different types of games on one site. He likes playing Treasures of Troy, and he also purchases his lottery tickets. "It's good if I forget to go to the store," he explained. Sherwin also occasionally bets on basketball using PlayNow Sports, and has also tried PlayNow Pools.

Neither Sherwin nor his wife has been on a cruise before, and they did not expect to get a chance to do so until they retired. "Opportunity and luck knocked early!" Sherwin said. The lucky couple will set sail in November on this unique and exclusive cruise. "This will be an awesome experience, a real getaway. We're just going to enjoy it to the fullest."

Bon voyage Sherwin, and we wish you good luck in the Wheel of Fortune® Spin N Sail slot tournament!