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Congratulations Darin Book!


Family man hits a $311,162 jackpot on

When playing the Wizard of Odds, Darin Book had his eye on the prize and it paid off in a big way.

Darin Book was wrapping up a business meeting when he received a phone call from BCLC with the news he won $311,162 on the progressive jackpot on Wizard of Odds.

"I was ecstatic to receive the phone call, especially out of the blue," explained Book. "The win felt surreal and I told myself I wouldn't believe it until I saw the cheque in person."

The first person Book shared the news with was his wife and immediately she shared in the excitement.

"She started to jump up and down with joy and our daughter erupted in tears because she didn't understand what was happening," laughed Book. It was chaos but it was definitely a happy type of chaos in our household."

Book says he has already consulted with a financial advisor and is planning on investing the majority of his winnings in his family's future.

In the short-term, the Book family will be celebrating the big win with a family trip on Rocky Mountaineer, a special trip that Book is grateful to be planning.