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Congratulations Mike Eckert!


A belated birthday present of $163,524 for winner

Mike Eckert played Wizard of Odds on a whim and it paid off with a progressive jackpot win

It was the day after Mike Eckert's birthday when he received a phone call from BCLC informing him he won $163,524 on the Wizard of Odds progressive jackpot.

Naturally, this unexpected good news sparked another round of celebrations after the initial shock of the win wore off.

"The first person I told about winning the progressive jackpot was my wife," recalled Eckert. "It was difficult to process but we referred to an email from BCLC and all signs pointed to the fact that the win was real."

Eckert says after paying off some bills, his big ticket purchase will be a muscle car that he can fix up and enjoy with his son. Eckert adds the celebration will continue in Osoyoos on an impromptu family vacation.