Test your GameSense

Myths about gambling may cause you to make unhealthy decisions when you play. Can you tell a myth from a fact? Test your GameSense and find out!

1. If I play long enough, eventually I can win back all of the money I've lost.
Myth! The longer you play the more money you're likely to lose. Chasing losses leads to bigger losses.
2. Because I'm an experienced player, I may make better decisions than a beginner. But I still can't predict the outcome of the game, whether online or not.
GameSense! Although skill and experience may help to improve your odds in skill-based games such as poker, you still can't control which cards you are dealt or how other players will play their cards.
3. I've been playing the same game for hours, but I'm still no more likely to win now than when I started playing.
GameSense! The odds remain the same no matter what has happened in the past. Every time you play you have an equal chance of winning.
4. I use the same numbers each time I play the lottery. This means it's more likely that I'll win.
Myth! Using "lucky numbers" can make playing lottery games more fun. But it won't improve your chances of winning. Your odds are the same, no matter what numbers you play.
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GameSense helps dispel the myths so that if you gamble, you can make informed choices that are right for you.

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