Know how the games work
Wonder if knowing your odds of winning affects your odds of having a good time? It doesn't. Knowing how the games work makes for better decisions and more fun.

Click on the "i" for information on how the game works, what the odds are and/or return to player

Set a budget
Think putting limits on your gambling spending puts limits on your fun? It doesn't. It's best to use entertainment money for games and leave your savings in the bank.

These tools can help you stick to your budget:

Review your deposit limit often.

Regularly review your transaction/purchase history.

Keep an eye on your account balance while playing.

Take frequent breaks
Do you think taking small breaks when gambling is a big mistake? It's not. Taking breaks helps you to make smarter decisions, so gambling stays what it should be, a fun activity.

Use this tool when you need a break:

Session reminder/log.

Find help when you need it

Has gambling become a problem for you? Are you wondering if someone you know has a gambling problem? Maybe you're just interested in learning about available support. Help is available for all of these situations. Call the BC Problem Gambling Helpline at 1-888-795-6111 or find resources here.

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