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Congratulations Bruce Dryden!


Gimli Man Wins with LOTTO 6/49

Bruce Dryden of Gimli, MB, had to check his LOTTO 6/49 ticket a few times before he believed what he was seeing. His ticket for the December 26 draw won $157,407.80.

"I didn't know my ticket had won anything until I went to the store and checked it," he said. "I scanned it three times; the first time I just didn't believe it, the second time I took a better look at the screen, and the third time it started to sink in – I'm a winner!"

Dryden rushed home to tell his wife.

"I had a huge grin on my face," he said. "She noticed it right away and asked me what was up."

"I told her that we won the lottery and she kept saying, 'You're kidding me!'" he continued. "We just hugged and kissed, we were very excited!"

The happy winners plan to use the winnings to redo their kitchen and retire earlier than they had expected.

Dryden purchased his winning LOTTO 6/49 ticket at G and C Grocery, located at 98 3rd Avenue in Gimli, Manitoba.

Congratulations Bruce!