Congratulations Chris Dueck!


Christmas Came Early This Year For Chris Dueck!

Chris and his wife like to buy their lotto tickets on because it is convenient and saves them a trip to the store. He purchased his ticket online as usual and forgot about it. After the draw, he heard the jackpot was still unclaimed and it put a little smile on his face as he thought the lucky winner could be him. Sure enough, he checked the computer the next morning and there it was, an email that he won $114,526! He yelled up to his wife, who was still sleeping in bed at the time, to come downstairs immediately and they were both in complete shock when they saw the screen!

Chris already has some plans for the money. They would like to buy a new car, share with family and pay off some bills. All said and done, it was an amazing way for Chris and his family to head into 2015!