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Congratulations Christine Forbes!


Diving adventures on the horizon for Mill Bay $1 Million 6/49 winner.

Christine Forbes didn’t know how to react when she saw "$1,000,000" flash on the lottery validation terminal.

"People at the store stopped to look at me," recalled Forbes. "I was trying to be cool but was also very embarrassed."

Forbes won the Guaranteed $1 Million Prize on the April 30th Lotto 6/49 draw. The win didn’t feel real at first, but now it’s slowly sinking in for her.

"It definitely feels real now that I have the cheque," laughed Forbes. "But I still had to text my son a picture of the validation slip before he believed me!"

Forbes plans to put some of the money toward her retirement and go on diving adventures.

"My husband and I love diving," smiled Forbes. "We plan to travel more and discover diving spots around the world."

The winning ticket was purchased at Peninsula Co-Op in Mill Bay.