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Congratulations Daniel Schulli!


$9.7 million Lotto 6/49 winner from Abbotsford can't stop smiling

Daniel Schulli is in a state of shock since discovering he won $9.7 million on the September 17, 2016 Lotto 6/49 draw.

"This is just so surreal," exclaimed Schulli. "My wife and I have been walking around the house giggling because we just can't believe it!"

Schulli says the win will allow him and his wife to breathe a little easier financially. While he doesn't have a long shopping list yet, he does know what he will buy first.

"A brand new pickup truck because my kids keep laughing at my old 1996 pickup," smiled Schulli.

But it's Schulli who will get the last laugh with his children.

"I haven't told my three youngest children about the win," explained Schulli. "They're going to find out about it on the news!"

The winning ticket was purchased at the Bradner General Store in Abbotsford.