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Congratulations George Speck!


$3.5 Million Alert Bay Lotto 6/49 winner to pay it forward

George Speck decided to buy a Lotto 6/49 ticket for the March 19, 2016 draw on a whim, and that snap decision is paying off to the tune of $3.5 million.

"I actually forgot about the ticket until word was spreading there was a winner from Alert Bay," said Speck. "So I checked the ticket online and saw I had all the numbers. I just froze!"

Speck retired a year ago, and says the money will help fund his retirement and he's definitely looking forward to sharing the wealth with his 5 children.

"I will give some money to my kids to take pressure off of them," said Speck. "This allows us to set up their retirement too."

In the short term, Speck plans to buy a new truck for himself and a small fishing boat for his wife, Bethany. They plan to serve their small community with these purchases.

"I'll use the truck to go hunting for meat, and Bethany will fish with the boat," smiled Speck. "We look out for people in our village and this means we can feed people."

The winning ticket was purchased at the Alert Bay Drug Store.