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Congratulations Janelle Gibbons


It was a winning long weekend for $1 million winner in Aldergrove

Janelle Gibbons will always remember the Canada Day long weekend that she won the lottery! Gibbons won the Guaranteed $1 Million Prize in the July 2, 2016 Lotto 6/49 draw - just in time for the hot summer weather.

"My first purchase will be a new car. I want a vehicle with air conditioning that actually works," laughed Gibbons.

Gibbons always loves seeing winners from Aldergrove and is still in shock that she is the "local" who won big this time around.

"It's very surreal. This is a big moment," exclaimed Gibbons. "This will help relieve my financial stress and I can live a little fancier!"

Gibbons has told her mother and best friend about the win and is planning a big family party to celebrate winning the lottery.

"My whole family is excited for me," smiled Gibbons. "My dad passed away recently and I feel he's smiling down on me right now."

The winning ticket was purchased at the Aldergrove Shoppers Drug Mart. This is one of four winning Guaranteed $1 Million Prize tickets sold in B.C. in the last four weeks.