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Congratulations Leslie MacMillan!


$3.6 Million Win in Winnipeg

Leslie MacMillan's life changed on a quiet Sunday morning. The Winnipeg woman was shocked to discover that she'd won $3,620,435.60 on the Saturday, February 27 LOTTO 6/49 draw.

MacMillan subscribes to the Multi-Draw feature on so that she never misses a LOTTO 6/49 draw. She's been buying her tickets through since late 2013. If her numbers win on any draw, she is notified by email.

"I was checking my email as I usually do on Sunday mornings," MacMillan started. "I saw I had a couple of win notifications, so I went to to check the amounts."
"I saw I won $2, and then $10. Then I saw that I won $3.6 million - and I went straight into shock!" she finished with a laugh.

The happy winner, who chose her own numbers, has a few ideas for her windfall, but doesn't have any big-ticket purchases in mind right now.

"I keep asking myself, 'What will I do with the money?'" she said. "I don't need a car or anything like that. So I decided that I'll try to help people."

Though MacMillan doesn't have any concrete plans for her winnings, she is looking forward to planning a vacation or two in the future.

"I'll probably take a couple vacations with my friends," she said. "We've been talking about taking a couple different trips for a while now, so I'll be going away somewhere for sure."

MacMillan's ticket exactly matched all six LOTTO 6/49 numbers drawn on February 27 - 4, 11, 20, 23, 41 and 45. She shared the $7.2 million jackpot with a ticket purchased in British Columbia.