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Congratulations Pat Tavener


Wanless MB Resident Takes Home $1 Million

Pat rolled his winning tickets over into a Million-dollar prize

Pat Tavener wasn't expecting his small lottery winning streak to lead to something much bigger. The Wanless, Manitoba resident couldn't believe it when he won $1,000,000 on the April 27 LOTTO 6/49 Guaranteed Prize Draw.

It started with a few small wins that Tavener used to buy more tickets. "I won $10 on a ticket from a few weeks ago, and then I won $5," he remembered. "Then I won a free play."

"I checked my free ticket online and noticed the Guaranteed Prize Draw number matched my number," he said. "I probably looked over the numbers another 46 times before I called WCLC to confirm it for me. It was an exact match, but it was hard to believe!"

Tavener said he hasn't made any plans for his winnings just yet; he plans to take his time to decide. "My mind is blank right now," he said. "It still just feels like a dream. I want to take my time digesting this wonderful event."

Tavener said he's been playing LOTTO 6/49 since it started in 1982, and he's excited about the feeling of financial freedom the win has given him.

"I don't have a lot to worry about now," he said. "I've been telling other people, 'Just buy a ticket - you never know what will happen!"

The happy winner received his winning LOTTO 6/49 ticket at We Ste General Store, located on Hwy 10 North NW in Wanless. His winning Guaranteed Prize Draw number was 38964954-01.