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Wayne got that 6/49 feeling and won $7 million


Congratulations Wayne and Sandee!

"I checked the ticket, saw the number on there. Went back, checked the ticket again, cause I am thinking "was that $7 million or $7 thousand, $7 hundred thousand..."

It was $7 MILLION.

So, Wayne flew 7000km to break the news!

"My wife and daughter were on holiday. They went to Italy and then they went to London." "Next daughter and I decided to fly over just to surprise them."

"She thought I was joking when I first told her."

"Is it real?"

"Is it?"

Don't worry, it's real. And by the way, what's the deal with 7-11?

"I bought it at 7-11 and checked it at 7-11, it's $7 million and $11."

What was the first thing Wayne did?

"I bought a Slurpee."

Wayne is our hero.

Ok you crazy kids, what's next?

"Well, we've talked about a trip to Africa. We'll probably buy a house."

Congratulations Wayne & Sandee!