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Dixon of Fort St. James wins BC/49 jackpot


Congratulations Dixon!

Dixon of Fort St. James is $2 million dollars richer thanks to winning the BC/49 jackpot from the February 14, 2018 draw.

"I'm looking forward to more free time," said Dixon. "I love being in nature and thanks to this win, I can spend more time exploring. I just need to get over this initial shock!"

In addition to expeditions in the great outdoors, Prince plans to spend more time with his family and book a vacation.

"I'm not sure where I'd like to travel yet but one things is for sure - there is no price on family time," he said. "I'm looking forward to spending more time with my family."

Dixon purchased his winning ticket at Lakeside Pharmacy in Fort St. James.

BC/49 is a B.C. only lottery game drawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays that gives players a chance to win up to $2 million for $1. Tickets can be purchased at a BCLC lottery retailer or Players can now check their lottery tickets anytime, anywhere on iOS and Android devices.

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