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Congratulations Mike!


Prince George Daily Grand top prize winner laughs his way to the bank

Self-professed jokester Mike J. from Prince George started buying Daily Grand tickets as a joke to tease his wife. If he won the lottery, he would retire - but that meant she would have to spend a lot more time with him.

On January 29, it was no longer just a joke. Mike matched 5 out of 5 numbers, including the one 'Grand Number,' winning the Daily Grand top prize of $1,000-a-day for the rest of his life, or the lump-sum payout of $7 million.

"I'm always pulling pranks and cracking jokes, so naturally when I told my wife that I had won the lottery, she didn't believe me," said Mike. "Together, we must have checked the ticket a dozen times."

Mike does not have plans to retire just yet, but he is truly laughing for the rest of his life.

"The first thing I thought of was how to keep the ticket safe," he said. "We can't just leave it on the table. The dogs might eat it!"

Mike is still in shock but has had fun telling his daughter and close friends about his Daily Grand win, and seeing their reactions.

Mike has decided to claim the lump-sum payout in order to begin living life 'grand' right away. His is already planning a month-long vacation to Australia and Europe to relax and enjoy some sun.

The winning Daily Grand ticket was purchased at Save-On-Foods located at Parkwood Place.

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