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Lotto Max Extra winner ready to kick back and relax


Jie Y. has an extra reason to smile after winning $500,000 by matching all four Lotto Max Extra numbers from September 28, 2018’s draw.

Jie discovered she was a winner a few days after the draw. She plays the same set of numbers every draw on and expected a freeplay when checking her email. But when she opened the email, she could not believe she had won the Lotto Max Extra prize of $500,000. However, after sharing the news with her husband and checking the numbers multiple times, they were “just so happy to have a big win!”

 She still felt the experience was “unbelievable, like a dream,” until she had the physical cheque in her hand. Jie and her husband plan on depositing the money before making any big purchases.

 To celebrate her win, Jie plans on taking it easy with work and travelling to China to visit her parents. “I usually wait until I have enough vacation days to go, but now I can be more relaxed with work” she smiled.

Congratulations Jie, wishing you and your family all the best!

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