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Congratulations Philip Ballantyne!


Moose Lake man fuels up with $100,000 lottery win

Philip Ballantyne came home from the gas station with a lot more than he expected. The Moose Lake man won $100,000 on the September 3 EXTRA draw.

"I went to the store to get gas and pick up some groceries," he said. "I checked my lottery tickets before paying and ended up running out of the store - leaving my groceries on the counter!"

Ballantyne said he went into shock immediately after he checked his ticket.

"I went completely numb," he said when he claimed his prize. "I was shocked, still am. I can't believe it, but I think I'll feel that way until the cheque is actually in my hands."

The happy winner is taking his time to decide what he will do with his winnings.

Ballantyne purchased his winning LOTTO 6/49 and EXTRA ticket at the Northern Store, located at Unit 1 - 17 Portage Road in Moose Lake.