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Keno player won largest retail win in BC ever!


Congratulations Susan!

Susan just won $400,000 playing Keno!

It's the largest Keno prize ever won at a retail location in British Columbia.

"I mean I was so excited I couldn't believe it, I just thought that this was just amazing." "I was shocked and giddy."

It's not her first time experiencing a big win.

"24 years ago on the May long weekend, my parents phoned "It seems we won the lottery" and I was thinking, you know $100 thousand, $200 thousand. I said well how much, they said "$2.7 million." I could barely speak."

And the winning didn't end there.

"So a year ago, January, I ended up getting 9 out of 10 numbers. Which was a payout of $20,000."

And now, Susan's quick pick ticket has matched 10/10 numbers.

"I put the ticket in, it just said "it's a winner" and then I talked to someone from BCLC and they said "I can tell you it is a major win that is all I can tell you.""

A $400,000 major win!

"The first thing I said was "thanks dad," because my dad passed away 4 years ago and I just feel like he is always watched over me."

"It is surreal but it is almost like this belief of just wow ok, now get focused, be responsible and now make sure you have got a nest egg for your retirement and money to help my kids with university."

"It is the peace of mind that I have that I can help them should they need it, and I will. There are definitely things...when they turn 21 I want to take them to Vegas for their 21st birthday."

Congratulations Susan!