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Congratulations Curtis Kubay!


Lucky Taco Night for Winnipeg Couple

A Winnipeg couple won $1 Million after purchasing lottery on a last-minute errand

Curtis Kubay made an amazing late-night discovery - he and his partner, Patti Bodman, won a million dollars. The lucky Winnipeggers won one of the 18 MAXMILLIONS prizes offered on the March 11 LOTTO MAX draw.

In their first official appearance as Manitoba's newest millionaires, Bodman exclaimed that she was glad it had been taco night. "We were out of sour cream!" she cried, explaining that she had pushed Kubay out the door to pick some up at the nearby 7-Eleven. While at the store Kubay noticed the LOTTO MAX jackpot sign and purchased a ticket.

Kubay realized they had won early Monday morning. "I got home pretty late and checked the ticket online," he said. "Patti had already gone to bed and I was contemplating if I should wake her up to tell her or not."

"I decided I had to tell her," he continued. "How can you keep something like this a secret?"

The happy winners said they plan to take some time making decisions for their windfall. "We don't want to waste it," Kubay started. "We'll take some of the money and buy ourselves something special, but we'll put most of it away for now."

"We did talk about taking our families away on a vacation," continued Bodman. "Curt's mom has never been to the ocean, so we'd like to take her to Mexico, maybe Hawaii."

Kubay purchased their winning LOTTO MAX quick pick ticket at the 7-Eleven Food Store located at 1863 Henderson Highway. Their lucky MAXMILLIONS winning numbers were 2, 9, 11, 17, 18, 21 and 42. They also won a $20 prize on the main draw.

"I think the best part about a win like this is it gives you some freedom," said Bodman with a smile. "It takes some of the pressure away."