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Congratulations Ed Eviston!


Vancouver resident to help family with $1 million Lotto Max Win

Vancouver resident Ed Eviston is the city's newest millionaire after winning a $1 million Maxmillion prize on the January 29, 2016 Lotto Max draw.

Eviston was grocery shopping when he decided to check what turned out to be a winning ticket. "I went to the person at the lottery counter and asked her to scan the ticket. The winning ticket locked up her terminal," recalled Eviston.

Family comes first for the new millionaire and he plans to use his winnings to help support his children.

"The win will allow me to help get my five children established. Maybe I'll help my in-laws buy a new car, and have an extended family dinner to celebrate," smiled Eviston.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Petro Canada on 12th Street and Stewardson Way in New Westminster.