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Congratulations June Bergh!


Kelowna Lotto Max winner to share winnings with family

June Bergh from Kelowna is $50 million richer after winning the Lotto Max jackpot on the April 8, 2016 draw.

When the grandmother bought her lottery ticket she was hoping she would walk away with a Maxmillion prize of one million – and here she is claiming the big jackpot!

"When I first checked my ticket, initially I thought I won $50,000 and I asked my husband to take a look and double check it. He instantly became dazed when he realized we were holding a $50 million ticket," exclaimed Bergh.

The Kelowna resident can sum up the winning experience in one word: "unbelievable!"

"I didn't believe it until I arrived at Kamloops and the Player Services Assistant congratulated me for winning $50 million," admitted Bergh.

Bergh says she is looking forward to sharing her winnings with her children and grandchildren.

"This win is about them, not about us," beamed Bergh. "It gives me great pleasure in helping others."

Bergh says in addition to sharing the winnings with her family, she will plan a cruise with her husband of 54 years.

The winning ticket was purchased at Safeway in Kelowna on Highway 97 North.

Every time a lottery ticket is purchased in B.C., it funds programs across the province. Learn more here.