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Congratulations Rick Sokugawa!


Rick had his best Christmas ever after winning $1 Million on LOTTO MAX!

Rick Sokugawa has been playing on since its launch over 10 years ago. His go-to-games are Sports Action Toto and LOTTOMAX. "I've missed a few draws here and there," he says "but when it comes to the really big ones I never miss."

On Christmas morning, Rick was lying in bed and saw that he had notifications from PlayNow saying that he had won a prize.

"I put the phone down and didn't think anything of it because I've gotten [notifications] before." When Rick finally sat down to check his email, he thought it said $10,000 at first. "I wasn't wearing my glasses and thought 'hey, that's pretty good' and then I did a double take and just stared at the screen for about ten minutes."

This win could not have come at a better time for Rick and his family. He recently had to quit his job so that he could be at home to take care of his mom. "It went from the worst Christmas, to the best ever!" he said. "After I let it sink in I got up and did a happy dance!"

Rick plans to celebrate his win with his mom and a few close friends before he gets to work finding a condo to buy for him and his mom!