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Congratulations Denis Sullivan!


Double-Checking Ticket Saves the Day

Thompson man excited to fish after $1 Million WESTERN MAX win on ticket he thought was a loser.

Denis Sullivan was extra surprised when he realized he had won a million dollars on a lottery ticket he didn't think was a winner. The Thompson resident double-checked his ticket and found he had won on the May 27 WESTERN MAX draw.

"I checked my ticket on the internet, but only the main draw," he said. "I didn't check the additional draw numbers because I've never won anything on them before."

"I didn't think I won anything, so I left the ticket in my apartment and went fishing."

Sullivan was in for a surprise when he later took his ticket back to the store to double-check it. His numbers 13, 15, 18, 21, 27, 43 and 45 were an exact match to one of the additional prize draws.

"I couldn't believe it!" he said. "My legs went weak when the clerk scanned my ticket. I had to call my brother to come and get me; I was so shocked, I couldn't even drive myself home."

The happy winner has two major plans for his winnings: retirement and a lot more fishing!

"You know that old lottery commercial with the guys fishing?" he started. "Well I've always dreamed that one day that would be me. And now it will be."

"I can live out my dream. I'll be 'gone fishing!'"

Sullivan purchased his winning WESTERN MAX quick pick ticket at Clarke's Pharmacy Ltd., located at 50 Selkirk Avenue in Thompson.

Congratulations Denis!

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