Exciting new game changes for LOTTO MAX & WESTERN MAX

What is changing?

Beginning May 11, 2019, players will be able to play LOTTO MAX and WESTERN MAX every Tuesday in addition to the current Friday draw. The new second draw every week means lottery players will see LOTTO MAX jackpots grow more quickly than ever before!

And for the first time ever in LOTTO MAX history, the main jackpot will be able to grow as high as $70 million – an amount no Canadian lottery has ever reached before.

Quick facts about LOTTO MAX:

  • Two draws a week: Tuesdays and Fridays
  • The main LOTTO MAX jackpot will be able to grow as high as $70 million
  • No change to the cost of play: $5 for three selections of seven numbers
  • MAXMILLIONS will continue to be offered when the main jackpot reaches and exceeds $50 million
  • Two brand-new prize categories
    • Match 5/7+bonus
    • Match 4/7+bonus
  • Numbers will be selected from 1 to 50
  • Odds of winning the main jackpot: 1 in 33,294,800 per $5 play
  • Overall odds to win a prize: 1 in 7 per $5 play

Quick facts about WESTERN MAX:

  • Two draws a week: Tuesday & Friday
  • New $20 and $200 prize categories
  • Win a Free Play with Match 3/7
  • Numbers will be selected from 1 to 50
  • You can still win up to the $2 Million top prize with your $2 play

These changes will be effective the morning of May 11, 2019, and the first draw with the new LOTTO MAX and WESTERN MAX changes will be on Tuesday, May 14, 2019.

LOTTO MAX Game Conditions - Effective May 11, 2019

Your PlayNow Lottery Subscription

On PlayNow.com, your LOTTO MAX and WESTERN MAX Lottery Subscription will continue unless you decide you’d like to change it. We will automatically purchase the Tuesday draw so you won’t miss a jackpot! You will just need to ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account for both the Tuesday and Friday draws.

If you would like to change your selections to include the number 50, you can do so by updating your Selection after the draw on Saturday, May 11, 2019.


Free Plays that are won on the May 10, 2019 draw will be applied to the first draw of the new LOTTO MAX on May 14th, 2019.

We are always looking for ways to improve our games and keep customers interested. These game enhancements are the result of an extensive game design process that included consultation with lottery players across the country.

Your same seven numbers will be replayed. If you had a 26 draw (6 month) Lottery Subscription, you should note that this will now be updated to a 52 draw Lottery Subscription. If you are replaying a 52 draw (1 year) Lottery Subscription, it will be updated to 104.

As always, the lottery games in your PlayNow.com Lottery Subscription will be purchased on a draw-by-draw basis.

For Lottery Subscriptions with LOTTO MAX and/or WESTERN MAX, tickets will be purchased around 10:00am CT on Wednesday & Saturday. To avoid missing any draws please ensure you have sufficient funds in your account for each draw.

Subscriptions made online through PlayNow.com can be updated online on or after the May 11, 2019 draw, using the instructions above.

If you hold a WCLC subscription for LOTTO MAX and/or WESTERN MAX, WCLC will contact you directly regarding that subscription. If you have questions about your WCLC subscription, please contact WCLC Customer Care at 1-800-665-3313.