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Second win in four months for winner!

Congratulations Hazmat!

Congratulations Hazmat!

They say lightning never strikes the same place twice. Imagine the surprise Hazmat of Victoria must have felt when she hit the jackpot playing Bingo games on not once, but twice within four months!

At first, Hazmat wasn’t aware she had won the $142,296.86 jackpot from the Coast to Coast Bingo Room, “my daughter was here with the dogs, so we went outside for a bit.” She sat down after to check her emails and that’s when her daughter caught a glimpse of her account balance and asked, “is that real money?!” Hazmat looked at the computer screen and yelled “Oh my goodness! That’s not possible, twice in four months?!”

“I’ve won a few times recently and it’s funny because the people in the [Coast to Coast Bingo] chat room kept saying I was gonna win the jackpot!” said Hazmat, who you may remember as our Fairy Faithful Bingo jackpot winner from January.

Once again, she called her husband to share the good news but before she could say anything, he responded “did you win again? It’s the only time you call in the middle of the day.”

Following her last win, Hazmat and her husband are just about finished with the renovations in their home, “I have a little house by the water, maybe I’ll add a new patio now!” She is also going to continue to give back to her community by helping families in need, “there was a single mom planning her daughter’s birthday and she was missing a cake. So, I got her a beautiful unicorn cake! That’s my idea of giving back.” she smiled.

Congratulations again Hazmat, wishing you and your family all the best!

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