Congratulations Melissa Kozier!


Chain Reactors Super Trails brings uncertainty, then elation for Winnipeg winner

When Melissa Kozier won the Chain Reactors Super Trails progressive jackpot, she was shocked. But she wasn't sure whether it was real because she thought it happened during a demo game.

"I showed my husband. I thought maybe it was another demo game," Melissa said during her interview in the PlayNow Winner's Lounge. "But he said, 'No that was real! It's not a demo!'"

Melissa won $82,438.21 on Chain Reactors Super Trails in the PlayNow Casino. Melissa's 20-cent spin prompted 30 "Goldie" smiley faces to cascade down - and automatically won her the jackpot.

When asked what she likes about Chain Reactors Super Trails, Melissa said with a smile, "it's cute!" She also likes that she can play for the jackpot for just 20 cents.

Melissa likes playing the game on her smartphone. "I was at my in-laws' place sitting outside," she said. Chain Reactors Super Trails is one of several games available on both PlayNow's desktop and mobile sites.

Melissa's plans for her winnings include buying a new car and potentially getting new windows for the home she shares with her husband and young family. "And we're going to take a Disney Cruise!" she exclaimed.

Congratulations Melissa!