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Congratulations Brian McGean!


Off roading is in this Road to a Jeep winner's future after driving away with his brand new 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport!

Brian McGean had been discussing buying a Jeep with his wife Sherri, but now he doesn't have to!

Back in February Brian McGean wanted to buy a lottery ticket but it was really close to draw time and he couldn't get to the store in time. His wife Sherri suggested that he sign up for a PlayNow account for the convenience of buying lottery tickets online. The thought never crossed his mind that this would lead to driving away in a brand new 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport, but it did!

Fast forward to October of this year and Brian was on PlayNow buying a Lotto Max ticket and he saw the Road to a Jeep contest. "When I saw the contest I thought, well we have talked about getting a Jeep before so I just entered, not thinking I was actually going to win". "I even saw that you could double your entries on Facebook so I did that too".

When he got the call from a PlayNow Consumer Service agent telling him he had won he couldn't believe it! His first response was "you get lost"! Brian and Sherri were still in awe while hearing more about the Jeep that they had won that they still didn't believe it was actually happening to them. Brian had to call back the next day! Sure enough it was true and he had to make plans to come pick up his prize.

Two weeks later, a couple bus rides, a ferry from Vancouver Island and a Skytrain ride he and Sherri had arrived at the dealership in Burnaby.

When asked if he had any plans for the Jeep his response was "take it off roading". Sherri didn't share the same enthusiasm, but she had plans of her own for the new Jeep!

Brian says he loves driving so he is going to explore Vancouver Island a bit more. We asked him one word to describe his win and he said "AWESOME"!