Congratulations Debbie Rattai!


Beausejour Woman Wins with Wizard

Debbie Rattai from Beausejour, Manitoba, had a great night out, followed by an even better surprise: a jackpot win on the Wizard of Odds in the PlayNow Casino!

"I had just come home from a nice evening out and I played for a bit. My husband was already in bed.

"When I won I woke him up to show him, I showed him the screen because I was so shocked. He said, 'Yeah OK, it looks like you won.' "We didn't really believe it fully. Not until we got here today," she said with a big grin while sitting in the PlayNow winners lounge.

Debbie described how she let her family know she had won in the morning. She first told her younger children who were at home, and then she called her older son who no longer lives at home.

"He didn't really believe it, because it was on the internet. He was trying to protect me in case it wasn't real. But this was real!"

Debbie chose to play Wizard of Odds that night because "It's a cute game, and it's fun. And that one has a good size jackpot." She likes to play on because it's regulated and she knows where the money is going.

"I'm going to pay the student loans for my oldest, and we're going to save for university for our younger son." Debbie explained when asked what she had planned for her winnings. She and her husband are also hoping to purchase a camper and truck so their family can do more camping together.

Congratulations Debbie!