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Congratulations Mary and Friends!


3 longtime friends are $3.6 million richer!

Unbelievable! That's how three friends from Victoria described the moment they won $3.6 million on the February 27, 2016 Lotto 6/49 draw.

"It all happened so fast. We're still walking around with smiles on our faces," laughed group trustee, Mary Grills.

Grills shares the win with her longtime best friends Trish Little and Bev Allarie. The trio plan on living the good life as retirees with their winnings.

"We can now enjoy retirement and do some travelling and maybe even some retail therapy," exclaimed Little.

But it seems the three of them are already in paradise!

"You know that Lotto 6/49 commercial where you're on cloud 9? It's true," joked Little. "We can't stop smiling!"

The friends have played the same numbers as a group for 22 years and they have only ever missed one draw.

"We'll continue to play the lottery together and we'll definitely continue to play these numbers," said Grills.

The winning ticket was purchased at the McKenzie Esso in Victoria.

The grand prize was split with another ticket purchased on Manitoba. This is the largest lottery prize ever won on Manitoba, which is operated by BCLC.